Sacramento Mediation Center

non-adversarial dispute resolution services

Sat Jul 30 2016

What's New

  • Basic Mediation Skills Training
    November 7-9, 2013. more...

The Sacramento Mediation Center (SMC) provides confidential and neutral conflict resolution assistance to individuals, families, businesses, organizations, neighborhoods, and government agencies.  In doing so, SMC creates unique opportunities for participatory decisions, interest-based resolutions, and peacemaking.

SMC has broadened its responsibility to safeguard community well-being by developing cooperative partnerships with the government, the judicial system, community-based organizations, and the private sector.  This partnership requires supporting common visions, coordinating missions, and maintaining collaborative working relationships.

Sacramento Mediation Center Primary Services

  • Two-Party Dispute Resolution
  • Multiple Party Services: Dispute Resolution & Problem Solving
  • Court-Based Civil Harassment Mediation
  • Group Facilitation & Consulting
  • Mediation Training:  Basic & Integrative Skills

At the heart of these services is the commitment to enhance problem-solving methods, improve communication and understanding, and advance the principles of restorative justice.

In July of 2008, California Lawyers for the Arts, Sacramento, became the administrator of the Sacramento Mediation Center. Please click on the "CLA" tab for more information about the organization.